Bayou Metal Company: Film Purging Guidelines

• Current Florida Retention Regulations available upon request.

• Within a 200 mile radius of Tampa, we will go to your site and remove all designated, medical x-ray film in jackets. 

• For purges outside of our range of service, we will arrange for a freight line to pick up film that you have put into Gaylords or drums.  Freight will be prepaid- we will take care of the details for you.

• A Destruct Authorization can be provided for you to sign off on and to submit to an off-site storage facility.  We will be named as the party to contact for pick up and will coordinate the logistics.  Many of our clients find this to be most convenient.

• We are committed to customer satisfaction and making the film destruction beneficial rather than an expense.

You will be able to take advantage of record destruction at no charge, meeting HIPAA guidelines and realizing a profit/return while having all jackets and reports shredded. Large volume quantities will be priced accordingly.


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