– HIPAA Certified Document Destruction - Silver Recovery, X-Ray Film Recovery, and Silver Refining Services...

We are a full-service family-owned firm based in Tampa, Florida, specializing in the following environmental services:


• Recycling medical, lithographic and industrial film
• Silver Recovery and silver refining services.
• Refining Services to include precious metals
• HIPAA-compliant Confidential Record Destruction
• Incineration of electronic media: cath lab film, magnetic tape, or cine film on reels
• Aluminum plate recycling
• Buyers of all types of film for silver recovery



We have more than two decades of experience, and in that time have grown to work with thousands of clients.

Bayou Metal Company is committed to partnering with you to maximize returns while minimizing costs. 
We are pleased to provide on-site services within a 150-mile radius of Tampa, and will receive shipments nationwide.

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